About Bohemian Bangles

Bohemian and gypsy jewelry, boho rings, bohemian ring sets, chokers, handmade bohemian jewelry & more... We cater to those who live their life with authenticity...who take the path less traveled...We want you to be YOU! No apologies, no masks, no regrets. Our bohemian jewelry can help you show the world who you are.  Wear your style with confidence. -all free spirits welcome

Bohemian fashion and accessories have become a growing trend lately. Guess I've been boho longer than it's been cool to be boho :-)  My name is Lisa, owner of Bohemian Bangles. I've at times felt a bit different from others..more sensitive, creative, a bit lost, introverted, more comfortable with animals than with people. If there was a poster child for animal lover, it would be me for sure.

A bohemian spirit isn't about clothes or gorgeous jewelry, but the feeling that goes with it. It's about showing off your free spirit and not caring what others think about how you dress or how many rings you have piled on your fingers! It's about empowerment-lots of empowerment for women, the underdogs, the underprivileged, the adventurers and wanderers.


I fully support self-growth and believing in who you are. I believe in helping others to do the same. I believe in helping those who help themselves, which is why I love fair trade products and the effects they have on the artisans who create them. They are talented hard working people who want to support themselves and their families, just like the rest of us. Fair trade isn't about charity. It's about empowerment-for families of men, women and children. For women who have been abused, either socially or domestically.





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