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What To Wear This Spring: New Spring Looks To Impress

What To Wear This Spring: New Spring Looks To Impress


For those of us not blessed to be living in warmer climates, spring time is a roller coaster ride of up and down temps. Here in Michigan, we can see all four seasons in a matter of a few days time. For us, that means slowly adding in spring pieces with lighter fabrics, but also pairing them with a cardigan or kimono in case the temperature drops while we are at the office or hanging out on the weekends. You can still dress to impress, with fantastic tops and kimonos that bring you tons of options for spring styles.

Check out some of our recommendations for spring looks that will make it easier to transition into the warmer weather (when it finally sticks around). 

Our Warm Sands Kimono for curvy ladies :-) This kimono brings in the vibrant spring colors, but is longer and versatile, making it easy to use as a transition piece. You can pair it with white jeans as shown, or pair it with regular denim if the temps are still chilly. Because the sleeves are longer, you can still wear a long sleeve top if you need to. 

Pullover Sweaters-Great spring essential! Our beige soft knit pullover sweater in a lighter knit fabric is perfect for making that change from cold to warmer. The fabric is perfect for wearing alone, or pairing with a lighter jacket or vest. Wear this knit pullover sweater with just about anything.


Our Ariana Floral Chiffon Blouse is a favorite... Soft floral pattern with pink flowers, ushering in that spring feeling, with a romantic flow of fabric. The looseness of this blouse and the light fabric makes it perfect for layering. Because the fabric is sheer, you can wear a tank underneath for more layers when the temps aren't cooperating with your wardrobe plans. You can also add a kimono or cardi, and be on your way.


Spring is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Never worn a kimono? Try one out for size (no pun intended)! You might surprise yourself and fall in love. Think you are too old for maxi dresses or fun and bright colors? Never! Don't age yourself-age is just a number :-) 



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