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Vintage Store Clothes-Vintage Vibe Women's Clothes

Vintage Store Clothes-Vintage Vibe Women's Clothes

If you are old enough to remember 'real' vintage(before the 90's lol), you will appreciate the vintage vibe clothing at Bohemian Bangles. Striving for a mix of cute hippie outfits+modern hippie outfits, the aim is the perfect blend of both modern and vintage women's clothing online. 

Our pre-loved collection  is home to some great vintage clothing. Bohemian tops with florals and lace, retro tees, tie dye, and other cute hippie tops and tshirts. You can also get your hands on bell bottom jeans at fantastic prices! There is also a collection of new bell bottom and flare pants-our personal favorite is the leggings with the high waist....yes!


gently used boho floral tank top


vintage store online selling vintage vibe clothing


Gently used vintage clothes are being added fairly often-usually on a weekly basis. Thrift store finds are such a great thing, aren't they?!! I know that online shopping takes away a bit of the 'thrill of the hunt' feeling, but.... you can still achieve that in person high when browsing your local thrift stores for awesome knick-knacks or furniture ;-) Leave the clothing search up to me :-)



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