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Really Mother Nature? Where's the Love?

So...if you live in the Midwest or Northeast, you are probably asking this question...Here in Michigan, we actually lucked out and only got about 4-5 inches of snow the other day (unless you are a Yooper), but you Northeastern people wow! Snow, snow, and more snow!

I guess we have come to expect this, at least here in Michigan. Most times in March we get ice storms, so the snow is better than ice for sure. We've been pretty lucky this winter, so I have been trying not to complain, but once you get a taste of spring, it's hard to revert back to winter temps and snow :-(

For everyone stranded due to Stella, I imagine you might be shopping online. I mean, what else can you do, right? You can only do so much cleaning or laundry before you lose your mind. Online shopping, even online 'window' shopping is a great way to pass the time, especially when stores are rolling out spring (ahem) lines. FIVE more days until it's officially spring...hear that Mother Nature?!!! 

spring collection at bohemian bangles

If you are stuck at home with Stella, you can grab a cup of coffee and browse the jewelry here at Bohemian Bangles. And like most stores, the new Spring Collection is awaiting you! Spring is in the heart, even though it's not quite there outside yet ;-) So relax and have fun ladies!



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