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Jewelry and Emotional Ties-Are You Sentimental?

For some reason I have been thinking about how jewelry can be sentimental and bring up so many emotions for the wearer. Not sure why this has been going through my head this week but figured I would write it out! Perhaps once I do, it will leave lol 

Family Heirlooms

So we know that those major pieces of jewelry usually have emotional ties-and strong ones. Your Mom's wedding ring, or perhaps even your Grandmother's wedding ring or another special ring that has been passed down through generations. You put the ring on, maybe to attend a special event like a wedding, funeral, etc..Looking at it for a few minutes after you put it on, those emotions start to flood in like a waterfall. Memories of your loved one that you haven't thought of for a while, or even thought you had forgotten. It makes you feel even closer to them knowing you are wearing a piece of jewelry that meant so much to them.

Childhood, Growing Up & Jewelry

There was a picture that my Aunt shared one day for "TBT" on Facebook..God, throwback Thursdays can be SO embarrassing! 70's photos, funky clothes and really bad haircuts!! Anyway, I noticed as I gasped at the photo of myself and my cousins that I was wearing more than one ring one one hand, along with a bracelet. I thought, "wow, I was boho way back then!" Then I remembered having worn hand harnesses back in the day! Funny how that one picture my Aunt shared brought up the memories that I had totally forgotten. It was actually nice! (except for how I looked-ha ha)

Those Mood Rings Tho....

Anyone who is a baby boomer remembers mood rings. Am I right?! Love the mood rings! I had one and it was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! I was constantly looking at it to see what it was 'saying' about me :-) It also brought up paranoia, like, "oh my gosh, if someone knows what the colors mean, they will know I am angry at them!" I definitely remember hiding that hand more than  By the way, mood rings are back in style! And even if they weren't, we can still wear them and rock them! ;-)



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