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Boho Style in the Midwest-Bundle Up Boho?

Options for Boho style in the Midwest

So, anyone who lives near me in Michigan knows what I am talking about with this lol

Most bohemian style clothes are light & airy, make you think of a Cali summer day and frolicking in the sand. Tank tops, lightweight skirts, flip flops or no shoes at all.

Looking at the bohemian fashions on Pinterest and elsewhere on the web in October, I think to myself "BRRRR"! It's getting chilly here now that it's fall, and we see clouds more than the sun from now until next spring :-(

I ran across this today when I was on Pinterest., I LOVE this skirt, but I would freeze my behind off in that right now lol The denim jacket is a GOOD thing though!

And luckily, we can still wear any type of bohemian jewelry without the weather being a factor! Because boho style is such a 'relaxed' and often layered look, we can wear the jackets, warmer tunics and ponchos over a skirt, and lessen the effects of the big chills. I admit it can be challenging, but who doesn't love a good challenge to begin with?!

photo credit-Ralph Lauren


boho style in the midwest



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