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4 Must-Have Pieces for a Bohemian Wardrobe

4 Must-Have Pieces for a Bohemian Wardrobe

Check out these 4 must-have pieces for some bohemian inspiration(that also won't break the bank). 

If you are looking for some must-have bohemian outfit pieces you can add to your wardrobe, you have come to the right spot. Even if you just consider yourself a slightly whimsical dresser or somewhat bohemian in style, this list provides the must-haves for the boho chic look you are searching for. It’s only a starting point, and your look will depend on your own personal style choices, but it will give you a general go-to for which bohemian pieces you can structure you look around.


1. Knit Cardigans & Sweaters

Knit cardigans and sweaters are a staple for most closets. But how many of you have some oldies still hanging around? Throw out those 80's inspired heavy sweaters ladies! ;-) Boho chic sweaters and cardigans are all about light and airy knits that can be layered during colder months, and worn with a cute bralette or tank during warmer months. They are somewhat see-through, which is what makes them so versatile and will save you some $ in the long run, since you can wear them during all four seasons. 


  • Try wearing a bralette (shown here) or tank top under an oversized or knit sweater, along with a pair of bell bottoms and wedges or sandals during warmer seasons. Throw on a great pair of statement earrings for a complete bohemian comfy & casual look.


2.The Basic Top

Basic doesn't mean boring. Another versatile piece that will take you through the changing seasons, the basic top or tunic can be worn alone or with sweaters, cardigans or kimonos, making it super-important to keep in your closet. More than one color is perfectly acceptable also! Boho chic tops come in all lengths also, so if you aren't wearing crop tops anymore, you can still find some great basic tops in longer lengths that will fit your style. On trend right now is tying your tee at the bottom, so many of them are made longer now anyway. 

*Neon Coral Plus Size Boyfriend Tunic*

  • For spring and summer, wear the basic tunic as shown, with some white distressed jeans, capri pants, or a pair of shorts. You can layer with a great lightweight fabric kimono with some pops of color. Add your favorite jewelry accessories and you are ready to go.

3. Kimonos

Speaking of kimonos...This one should be number one, because they add that free-spirited look that bohemian lovers strive for, and for how many ways they can be worn :-). Bohemian kimonos come in short, long, solid colors, prints like florals, geometrics, tribal prints, and the list goes on. Such a MUST for the bohemian wardrobe! 

*Warm Sands Kimono in Plus Size*


  • Looking at the example above, this kimono is styled with a top underneath and it's tied in a knot at the waist for added effect. The Warm Sands Kimono is longer length with a fantastic tropical floral print, so you can wear it with cute leggings or capris, then add some sandals to complete your look. In summer months, this kimono transitions over to a beach cover up-the magic of versatility. 

4. Bell Bottom Jeans & Pants

Okay, so must of us already know and love this one..bell bottom jeans! The choices range from bell bottoms all the way to super-flares, and we love all of them. Along with bell bottom jeans, you can also find great bell bottom and flare pants and leggings in solid colors and funky prints. The high-waisted leggings are nice because of their comfort level-it is truly amazing! 

*Joanie-Blue Swirl Bell Bottoms*


  • Bohemian bell bottom and flare pants can be worn so many ways. If you are wearing some pants like the bell bottoms in the picture shown, you can wear these with a graphic tee, solid tunic, or any tunic you want. You can also wear a tank top with a great kimono or cardigan over it, making it super-versatile to wear. Pair with some sandals, wedges or boots!


Hopefully this short list of bohemian style must-haves has inspired you! If you haven't tried all the looks shown, go for it and add something new to your closet, then start experimenting. This list hasn't touched the surface, so it will probably be continued in another blog post in the future! 




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